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The ValueFlow IT team are IT management enthusiasts who really care about our work and we care about your work too.  We’re not happy unless we’re helping our clients change things for the better.  We’ve had a lot of experience with IT management frameworks, standards, tools, roles and best practices.  This has helped us gain insight on how to weave all these together into a “system” that drives technology value forward.  So how do we make improvement happen?

The IT Operating Model is the framework that brings all the pieces together.  Configuring the right IT Operating Model for your organisation and automating to make it visible, efficient and self improving is what we do best. We’d love the chance to show you how we approach things. For now, at least swing by the “Our Thinking” and “Our Services” pages to get a feel for doing things the ValueFlow way.

Working with us?

We’re keen to have likeminded people join us.  As a small team, we need a combination of consulting principals ready to lead and emerging self starters looking to grow their careers in IT Management consulting.

We believe in a high level of personal self mastery.  People who are self aware, client oriented, balanced in their views and willing to listen and learn.  If this sounds like you, let’s talk.


Meet our Team

David Favelle – Executive Advisor/Founder

daveDave is a bit of a nut for IT Management frameworks and has even nutted out a few of his own.  He likes nothing better than kicking around ideas and then making them happen with clients and our team.  The rest of the time he plunks away on his many guitars, finds creative ways to fall off a moto-trials bike and hangs with the family on his Cattai acreage.

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Alan Kirsten – Principal Consultant, IT Transformation

alanAlan is an energetic “get things done” kinda guy.  He loves converting clever conceptual IT process stuff into real IT automation solutions.  And if you want to propel your team forward, Alan is your guy.  They’ll be saying “what’s this guy on and I want some” ;-]  Alan’s also a nut for really great coffee and whizzes around on a bike faster than most.

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John Kelly – Principal Consultant, IT Operating Model & Automation

johnJohn has been there and done that in IT from developer to CIO.  He still loves the theory and is known to ace certification exams – CISA, CGEIT, ITIL etc.  John’s passion these days is programming in ServiceNow – loves it!  You should check out our ServiceNow support and lifecycle builds and you’ll see the results!  John rides a Triumph Bonneville – so cool – and loves to get out to the Hunter to check on his farm and sample a red or two.

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Mark Whiting – Executive Advisor, Operating Models

Mark is energised when ideas and meaning are co-created and made real to solve problems, creating a platform for improvement.  He draws on experience gained in many complex organisational cultures and change contexts.  A very thoughtful and engaging consultant, Mark makes great relationships with his clients.  Perhaps Mark’s balanced nature comes from many years of Martial arts study and passion for the far East!  He is also a fan of craft brewing and sampling the best of breed!

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Chris Madden – Executive Advisor, Operating Models

Chris HeadShotWith over 25 years of IT experience Chris brings both theory and real world experience to his engagements.  Most recently the ‘process guy’ as well as the ITSM manager at Sydney Water, Chris enjoys working with customers and helping them reach the ‘aha’ moment when frameworks become a helpful tool rather than a dull diagram.
Chris was one of the founders of  NUIX trying to build the technology base for the yet to be invented Linked In and it became a leading provider for data investigation and forensics.  In his spare time Chris can be found either ‘grounded’ enjoying his garden or enjoying the freedom of gliding.

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Michelle Perkins – Principal Consultant

Michelle HeadshotMichelle is passionate about working with customers to get to the root cause of the ‘problem’ they trying to solve, and working together to implement a sustainable solution.

Michelle loves the variety of work, organisations and people that consulting enables her to experience.

When not at work Michelle can be found experimenting in the kitchen, ocean swimming and generally enjoying life.

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Christine Hermely – Principal Consultant

CHChristine balances aspiration and practical “hands on” delivery. In recent years Christine has delved deep into Project and Program management but has her roots in IT Service Management and support.

Having worked in roles from the Service Desk to the Head of IT Governance for a utility, Christine can traverse the various levels of the organisation and guide stakeholders toward a shared outcome. She is well versed in IT management frameworks across the lifecycle and knows the pitfalls, benefits and how to deliver a “fit for purpose” outcome tuned to organisational needs.

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