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Next Generation IT Support Model

Our-Services - Multi-Channel Support Model

As devices (BYOD), applications (BYOA) and work contexts proliferate, e.g. Activity-Based Working, the volume and complexity of support requirements continues to rise. Current models are straining at the seams and there is little appetite for increasing the size of the team.

Clearly the IT Support model needs to evolve. While the back-end ITSM processes may serve us well, we need to change the way we engage end-users, ensuring that we provide a service that delivers a great experience and make them as productive as possible.

New support channels such as Self-Service, Social and even physical “walk up” desks can be used in an integrated model to create a support function that provides a well-designed user experience while keeping costs under control.

Our insights on social technologies, and deep experience with the Service Desk function and IT processes make us a great partner to work with in this evolution. We work with you to design the optimal support model to meet the service experience you want to deliver at the price point the business can sustain.

We can measure you current Support performance, survey the business as to their perceptions of value and service experience and create a design for your Next Generation support model. Of course we’re keen to help you implement that as well!

ServiceNow Solutions

Our-Services - ServiceNow quote

Most organisations using ServiceNow have made the choice based on the IT Service support capability alone. It is indeed a worthy SaaS replacement for your legacy on-premise systems but it can deliver so much more…

The native Customer Portal and Social functionality can be woven into an integrated multi-channel model. The recently released Mobile functionality increases the reach out to any end-user device and to any device carried by IT staff. That really is “digital“ IT support.

Our ITIL experience and ServiceNow “Multi-channel” build will accelerate time to value for your implementation. We’ve done the heavy lifting in terms of process and technology to create a configuration that can rapidly be tailored for your environment. We work with you in an Agile-driven approach that delivers the capability into your organisation in “digestible” chunks so that value is delivered early and often.

With the automated support model in place, we then talk about how to harness the full-lifecycle functionality of Service Portfolio, PPM and GRC. The IT supply chain can be further automated to orchestrate cloud infrastructure, enable DevOps and integrate your suppliers.

ValueFlow IT is a partner that can go the distance across the full range of possibility that ServiceNow presents.

Emerging Frameworks Insights and Integration

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New business challenges and opportunities are driving technology adoption at an increasing pace. New practices and frameworks are continually emerging to meet these challenges. The current crop of new frameworks includes Lean Startup, DevOps, Scaled Agile, Social IT and Kanban.

These leading-edge practices are not neatly packaged and described. It is hard to figure out exactly where and how they fit. We see it as our role to stay up-to-date with all of this and to distil out the value and integration points with current models. It’s what we do as individuals anyway … because we like it!

In parallel, the traditional IT frameworks and ISO standards are being updated, aligned and further integrated. We stay certified and current so that we can advise on how to get the best out of all frameworks and, where necessary, integrate into tools, processes and governance controls.

The best way for us to work with our clients is through workshops to come to a common language and understanding of the challenges and opportunities. Our consulting services can then help identify the specific business value of new frameworks for your IT Operating model and give insight into how to implement and integrate.

IT Operating Model Generation

Engaging the business, internal IT and your sourcing partners is becoming increasingly complex. A number of dimensions (nine in our view!) are in play in a complex system that cannot be managed through the hierarchical structural view on its own. Each dimension needs to be understood in terms of how it supports the IT vision & strategy – how it interacts with other dimensions and how it best supports the Service Portfolio.

Our-Services - Service Porfolio

Our work with clients over the years has given us insights into the various dimensions and we have proven approaches and models that can facilities understanding and insight into generating an IT Operating Model that will serve as a blueprint for all of your improvement efforts.

Our consultants are able to heatmap your current IT Operating Model to discover gaps, constraints and bottlenecks. We also quickly constrain an inventory of your Service Portfolio and discover the “Service Health” issues around cost, risk and performance. From here we collaborate with your team to develop a capability roadmap with a view to delivering changes that give clear short-term benefits. We also advise on short-term interventions that will resolve specific “Service Health” issues.