service management

IT Operations Only Does 4 Things.


What is it that IT does? What if I said that IT Operations does only 4 things, well more accurately, 4 types of work? And by understanding the types, their relative importance and how work flows through the organisation you will be better equipped to improve the delivery of projects, manage outages and compliance, and limit work-in-progress. I recently encountered this idea while reading the book “The Phoenix Project” and I must admit the concept has really sparked my interest.

So what are they? No, one of them is not email.

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Service Management as a Lifestyle.

New Year’s Resolutions.  Sometimes you achieve them, other times not, some years you don’t make any.  The ideas can be many-fold, but to make change stick, it must be habitual; you must live it.  Lifestyle begets Goal.

For example.  I’m incubating the idea of a return to karate to prepare for my second Dan ranking – a significant goal.  My lifestyle will need to adjust: making sacrifices to free up time, re-visiting diet, channelling energy to ensure my family relationships and work outputs actually get better – not suffer – as a result (inspired by Antifragile).  And to further the challenge; do I quit the lifestyle once my goal has been achieved, or is this goal just a signpost to the next?

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What Inspires Us?

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