IT Operations Only Does 4 Things.


What is it that IT does? What if I said that IT Operations does only 4 things, well more accurately, 4 types of work? And by understanding the types, their relative importance and how work flows through the organisation you will be better equipped to improve the delivery of projects, manage outages and compliance, and limit work-in-progress. I recently encountered this idea while reading the book “The Phoenix Project” and I must admit the concept has really sparked my interest.

So what are they? No, one of them is not email.

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Who Needs an IT Operating Model?

Are you restless unless you’re changing things for the better?  I know I am. Work is a lot more fun when we know we’re getting somewhere and making a difference.

That’s why I get frustrated when improvement efforts in IT fail or deliver low value because of an inability to see and address all the moving parts of the “system”.  The IT function is very complex and we won’t get it right by over focussing on one area.  In particular, we need to understand the business and the demand it generates for the current IT services and the new technology services that will make it competitive, efficient and sustainable.  And we need to appreciate that there is no silver-bullet automation suite that will fix it.  Although one in particular comes pretty close in the right hands ;-]

So to address this, I’ve been working with the IT Operating Model idea for about 8 years now.  Some of the thinking goes way back further.  I guess it’s been a journey of theory and practice hand in hand.   Continue reading

What Inspires Us?

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